Car Loans

Fancy a new Car or an Upgrade?

Interest rate 7% (APR* 7.25%)

Special low rate when buying
through a garage

Normal rate for private car purchase – 9% (9.41%)

Representative Example:

€5,000 over 36 months (3 years) at a variable rate of 7% (APR* 7.25%) equates to 156 weekly repayments of €35.55 and a total repayable of €5,544.78

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Loan Summary

  • Every Week Total Total Interest Payable
  • Every 2 Weeks Total Total Interest Payable
  • Every Month Total Total Interest Payable
  • Terms & Conditions Apply: Whilst every care has been made in the production of this document, the Credit Union, or its staff, cannot be held responsible for any omissions, errors or other mistakes made herein. This document is for illustrative purposes only, so as to give you, the borrower, an overview of the potential cost of borrowing.

Get the loan you need for the car you want. With our loans you OWN your car STRAIGHT AWAY.

No hidden fees or balloon payments to worry about – just a straightforward loan.

Interest is charged on the reducing balance and the loan is covered by insurance that doesn’t cost you a thing.

(Terms and Conditions apply)

Now that’s a package worth checking out.


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