We currently have the following vacancies:-

  1.  Credit Manager (Maternity Cover)
  2. Operations Team Lead (12 month contract)


JOB TITLE:      Credit Manager – Maternity Cover

LOCATION:     Carlow District Credit Union Limited, Credit Union House, Askea, Carlow
or such other location within the common bond, including sub-offices as may be determined from time to time by the Board of Directors.

REPORTING TO:                               CEO

Job Overview:


  • Credit Manager responsibilities include creating credit scoring models, setting loan terms and determining interest rates.
  • Managing the activities and overseeing the performance of the credit function
  • Developing and implementing credit underwriting policies, procedures and controls.


  • A minimum QFA qualification (or APA designation)
  • A minimum of five years ore more relevant lending experience, ideally in a personal lending or commercial lending environment
  • A minimum of three years people management experience
  • A track record of achievement in a similar role

KEY REQUIREMENTS & Key Competencies:         

  • Proven work experience as a Credit Manager, Credit Analystor similar role.
  • Commercial lending experience.
  • Ability to assess, critically evaluate and interpret complex information and identify key credit risk drivers
  • Strong credit analysis and credit underwriting experience
  • Strong quantitative skills including the development or use of predictive models for credit (e.g. likely default rates) and/or risk (e.g. probability and impact)
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Financial and computer literacy
  • Ability to work on own initiative and to deliver agreed targets
  • Negotiation skills


Staff Supervision:

  • Delegate work to staff engaged in credit underwriting activities.
  • Supervise staff engaged in credit underwriting activities.
  • Oversee the work of solicitors employed by the credit union to give legal effect to security for larger and more complex loans

Credit Underwriting:

  • Develop and implement credit underwriting policies and procedures to assess creditworthiness, credit risk and a potential borrowers ability to repay a loan
  • Ensure adherence to policies and procedures and where necessary, recommend changes
  • Assess loan applications and approve within limits set by credit committee and approved by the Board of Directors.
  • Interview members in relation to their loan applications and borrowing capability.
  • Ensure effective use of ICB Credit Reports and other available data sources for credit assessment
  • Assess risk categories and exposures (e.g. largest loans, connected borrowers, exposures to loans categories, exposures where borrowers work for a single employer)
  • Renegotiate and restructure member loan accounts, as appropriate, including dealing with financial and legal representatives
  • Ensure compliance with consumer credit regulations regarding assessment of creditworthiness / ability to repay (i.e. proof of income / outgoings) and informing the loan applicant where a credit check has taken place, if the loan is rejected
  • Design and implement a credit rating / scoring system for members / loans

Credit Committee:

  • Prepare financial analysis on all loan applications for credit committee in advance of fortnightly meetings.
  • Gathering of information as required by credit committee/ CEO from time to time.
  • Implement credit committee decisions.

Business Development:

  • Assist in growing CDCU’ lending levels in a manner which is consistent with the credit unions strategic and risk management objectives.
  • Create credit scoring models to predict risks
  • Calculate and set interest rates

Financial Counselling:

  • Provide financial counselling to members.

Security for Loans:

  • Review and assess the security (other than savings) for all loans
  • Ensure professional legal advice is obtained before accepting security for large or complex loans

Loan Book Reviews:

  • Participate in loan book reviews and liaise with the credit control function on an ongoing basis to obtain feedback on previous credit decisions

Policies, Procedures and Controls:

Ensure all lending procedures comply with regulations

  • Develop, review and update our company’s credit policies
  • Review and update Credit Underwriting Policies & Procedures for Board approval, at least annually, including bad debts provisioning and write-off policies.

Regulatory Compliance:

  • Ensure the Credit Union’s compliance with the provisions of the Credit Union Act 1997 (as amended) and relevant Statutory Instruments and Guidance Notes issued by the Registrar of Credit Unions (e.g. Guidance Note on Credit and Credit Control, October 2007, Section 35 Requirements etc.)
  • Prepare responses to issues / concerns arising from external inspections by the Central Bank of Ireland and auditors / consultants.
  • Ensure compliance with health & safety (e.g. member visits), data protection legislation (e.g. electronic communications), consumer codes (e.g. hours of contact)  for staff and outsourced activities as it relates to the credit underwriting function


  • Attend training courses, as required
  • Deliver or organise training for credit underwriting staff members, as required
  • Recommend training for credit union personnel, including board and committee members in the areas of credit underwriting and credit risk management

Teamwork and Communication:

  • Work co-operatively and foster good relationships with the Board of Directors, Committees, Management Team and Staff
  • Work in close co-operation with the Chief Financial Officer and Head of Member services to ensure teamwork and co-operation across all functions in the office.
  • Attend and contribute to Management Team meetings, general staff meetings and if necessary Board meetings
  • Foster good relations between the credit union and third parties (e.g. ILCU, Central Bank, Solicitors)

Other Duties:

  • Undertake such other reasonable and lawful duties as the CEO, or person acting on his/her behalf may direct from time to time


Competency GuideLevel
Member Relationship ManagementExpert
Communication and influencing skillsStrong to Expert
Teamwork and collaborationStrong to Expert
Manages the production & implementation of numerous plansExpert
Creates a climate of continues improvementStrong
Maintains effectiveness during periods of change & promotes and champions changeExpert
Stakeholder ManagementStrong
Influences & shapes the organisations strategic objectives.Strong to Expert
Problem solving and decision makingExpert
Achieving results – delivering business successStrong to Expert
IT, digital and social mediaStrong



To the Credit Union CEO

  • Report on a weekly basis indicating the number and value of loans received, approved and issued by credit officers and the credit committee
  • Ensure that all information required by the Financial Controller and Head of Member Services is supplied in a timely and accurate manner.


To the Credit Committee

  • Meet with the Credit Committee on a fortnightly basis and keeping them informed on the credit underwriting activities conducted during the week
  • Recommend loans for approval / rejection to the credit committee and board of directors


To the Board of Directors

  • Prepare the written monthly credit committee report for the Board and any other reports as required from time to time.
  • Report to the Board, at least monthly on all items required under the Credit Union Act and other relevant legislation including KPI’s and KRI’s.



  • The quality of lending
  • The identification and mitigation of credit risks
  • The quality of reporting to the CEO, Credit Committee, and Board of Directors
  • The quality of decision making
  • Effective supervision of the performance of credit underwriting staff
  • The level of complaints from Members regarding the lending service provided by the credit union


Apply with a cover letter and CV by close of business 18/03/2022 to



Job Title: Operations Team Lead

1 year fixed term contract


Carlow District Credit Union Limited (CDCU)

Credit Union House



Or such other location within the common bond, including sub-offices as may be determined from time to time by the Board of Directors.


Reporting to: CEO

Job Overview

Ensures the efficient and effective operations of the CU on an ongoing basis and contributes to its long-term development and sustainability; assists the CEO to optimise the resources of the CU including human, technical and financial; takes overall responsibility for internal controls including maintenance and enhancement of policies, procedures, standards and controls and adherence to regulatory requirements; deputises for the CEO when required.


Principal responsibilities

  1. Leads the service delivery team ensuring first class service to members in adherence with BOD policies and office procedures.
  2. Co-ordinates and quality controls all aspects of the work of the Team Leaders.
  3. Monitors staff allocation and rotas to ensure coverage across all delivery areas as well as equality of opportunity and fairness of workload, ensures preparation of detailed rosters.
  4. Manages human resource issues; maintains personnel files in relation to annual leave, sick leave etc.;
  5. Monitors the CU’s positioning in relation to innovation in service delivery channels and other areas; makes recommendations and prepares detailed proposals for application of relevant innovations;
  6. Manages the roll out of new products and services.
  7. Liaises with the CEO and Team Leaders to determine the CU’s staff training needs on an annual basis; sources potential supplier including e-learning and alternative delivery methods; prepares a costed training plan for approval by the CEO; takes overall responsibility for its implementation.
  8. Develop and keep updated a detailed ‘Operations Manual’ for staff.
  9. Conducts research for the BOD & CEO as required.
  10. Acts as a key holder, including out-of-hours key holder responsibilities.
  11. Attends BOD and Committee meetings as requested by the CEO or BOD and reports (verbally and in writing) on aspects of CU operation where required.
  12. Oversees mail-merge set-ups, version control of forms and member statement schedules.
  13. Contributes as part of the Management Team to the overall development of the CU, assists in the implementation of board policies and directives.
  14. Represents the CU in dealings with external parties, including professional advisers, suppliers and representative organisations, as requested by the CEO.
  15. Ensures safe keeping of important documentations etc.
  16. Monitors cash flows in regards to branch offices, and co-ordinates cash collections and deliveries.
  17. Ensures absolute security in all dealings with cash, safes, cheque books and related matters.
  18. Works at all times in a courteous, friendly and professional manner, preserving confidentiality and adhering strictly to all set policies and procedures of the Cu.
  19. Participates in and assists with scheduled member events such as the AGM and scheduled promotional and sponsorship events such as Credit Union Day. Promotes CU philosophy at all times with members.
  20. Keeps informed about CDCU’s objectives and policies and about own role and contribution to meeting these.
  21. Contributes to a pleasant workplace atmosphere through teamwork.
  22. Takes responsibility along with all staff for training new staff members, thus ensuring they become familiar with all aspects of CU activities.
  23. Carries out any other reasonable duties as required to facilitate operations.

Compliance Responsibilities

In carrying out his/her duties on behalf of the CU, the Operations Team Lead must maintain a thorough knowledge of and comply with, the Standard Rules of the Credit Union, the Credit Union Act 1997 (as amended), and any relevant employment, H&S or other legislation.


Main Performance Measures

  1. Quality of reports, advice and support provided to the CEO and colleagues on the management team.
  2. Quality of reports, advice and support provided to the BOD and its sub-committees.
  3. Quality of operational and internal control decisions made.
  4. Quality of service delivery to members.
  5. Member feedback.
  6. Staff feedback.
  7. Contribution to development and improvement of service delivery for members.
  8. Contribution to development of staff.
  9. Consistence of implementation of CU policies and procedures.
  10. Resolution of problems.
  11. Contribution to team performance through co-operation of colleagues at all levels.


Apply with a cover letter and CV by close of business 18/03/2022 to