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Loan Protection Insurance

This is the cover we take out on the lives of eligible borrowers. It ensures that if a member with an outstanding loan balance dies, the balance is repaid in full (subject to certain terms and conditions). It enables eligible members to borrow from us in the full confidence that, if they die, their dependants won’t have to pay the outstanding loan balance.

Life Savings Insurance

This is the life insurance cover we take out for all eligible members as an additional incentive for members to save regularly and maintain their savings. There is no direct cost to members. The insurance is paid in addition to the savings you hold at the time of your death. The amount depends on the member’s age, how much you have saved over the years, and other terms and conditions.

To qualify for Loan Protection Insurance and Life Savings Insurance, you must have joined before your 70th birthday.

Death Benefit Insurance

In recent years the average cost of a funeral has increased significantly. Death benefit insurance may not ease bereavement, but it will go a long way towards easing the financial burden your death may place upon your family.

All eligible members of Carlow District Credit Union Limited are automatically covered. It means that in the event of your death, a lump sum of €1,000 is paid against your funeral bill.

To qualify for death benefit insurance, you must have joined before your 71st birthday and you must maintain a minimum balance €100 in your share account.

Please note that if your account falls below €100, you are not eligible for Death Benefit Insurance.

Member withdrawals, Car Draw Deduction, ATM annual charge and Affiliation fees will affect your Savings balance.

*Effective from 1st May 2021 ** Terms and conditions apply to meet eligibility * This is at no direct cost to our members.

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When an eligible member borrows with us we look after the loan protection cover and you don’t need to do anything else.

That is correct, our loan protection, life savings and death benefit insurances all come at no direct cost to eligible members.

Yes you do. We have partenered with Peopl Insurance to offer you a discount on lots of different insurance products.

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